Search NPI data

All Australian industrial facilities which meet the reporting criteria are required to submit annual reports of their emissions and transfers of NPI substances in waste. These reports are published on or before 31 March each year for the preceding financial year.

The NPI database can provide users with:

  • quick postcode searches to find out about emissions in your local community,
  • substance sources and emissions at either postcode, local area, state or national level,
  • full details of individual facilities reporting to the NPI, including emission reduction activities undertaken by the facility,
  • diffuse emissions, such as from motor vehicles and households, which are estimated in airsheds or water catchments,
  • data download to allow offline analysis of the annual raw emission data, and
  • interactive maps showing the location of reporting facilities.

To access the NPI database use the links below:

Any data that needs to be amended after the 31 March publication, will usually occur approximately three months later.

At different times searches and tools are not available due to maintenance required on the database. An example of this is the period before the data is published at the end of March every year.