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2010/2011 report for MACQUARIE GENERATION, Liddell Power Station - Muswellbrook, NSW

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Report Details:
Reporting Year:
Subthreshold Report:
Data period start:
July 1, 2010
Data period end:
June 30, 2011
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Facility Details:
Facility Name:
Liddell Power Station
Jurisdiction ID:
Street Address:
New England Highway  Muswellbrook  NSW  2333
Number of Employees:
Owner/Operator Details:
Company Name:
Contact Details:
Name / Position:
Mr Robert Cooper / Community & Public Relations Manager
(02) 4968 7491
Postal Address:
Private Mail Bag No. 2  Muswellbrook  NSW  2333
Web Address:
Industry Details:
Main Activities:
Electrical power generation
Primary ANZSIC:
Class: Fossil Fuel Electricity Generation [2611]
Group: Electricity Generation [261]
Cleaner Production Activities
Activity Comments
Improved maintenance scheduling, record keeping, or procedures Additional campaign dust monitoring of each unit undertaken to monitor bag-house performance
Modified process, equipment, layout, or piping Dry ashing system installed on Unit 4 boiler
Installed overflow alarms or automatic shut-off valves CEMS on stacks with upper limit alarms for NOx, SOx and PM
Implemented inspection or monitoring program for potential spill or leak sources
Dust suppression - water sprays/chemical suppression
Use of cleaner raw materials Sulphur limits set on coal supplied
Dust suppression - wind breaks/covered/enclosed stockpiles
Community consultative committee Meets quarterly
Pollution Control Devices
Device Installed (year) Comments
Fabric filter/baghouse 2008 Regular bag replacement program
Wastewater treatment On-site domestic sewage treatment system
Opacity monitor 2008 Opacity monitors with upper limit alarms - maintained and replaced as required
Dust monitor 1990 Mid 1990's CCT coverage of coal plant conveyors and chimney stacks
Other pollution control equipment 2008 CEMS NOx, SOx monitors with upper limit alarms. Oil/water separation and sedimentation containment
Public Statement:
First published:
March 30, 2012
Last updated:
March 30, 2012


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