Reporting emissions and transfers

More than 4000 facilities from a wide range of industry sectors report annually to the NPI. Most facilities are required to submit data to the NPI by 30 September each year.

Do you have to report?

The first step is finding out if your facility needs to report to the NPI. Industry facilities that exceed an NPI reporting threshold should report to the NPI.

Only substances for which an NPI reporting threshold is exceeded are reported to the NPI.

Use the NPI Guide to determine whether your facility should report emissions and transfers of substances in waste to the NPI. The NPI Guide will take you step by step through the reporting process. More about the NPIGuide.

How do you estimate emissions?

If your facility is required to report, you need to estimate emissions of NPI substances to air, land and water. Industry reporting materials are available to assist you to estimate emissions. More about industry reporting materials.

How do you estimate transfers?

If your facility needs to report transfers of NPI substances in waste, you need to estimate the amount contained within the waste. Look up the transfers information booklet or refer to your industry EET manual to find out how to estimate transfers. More about estimating transfers.

How do you lodge your report?

Lodge your NPI report to your state or territory environment protection agency using the NPI Online Reporting System or a paper form.

When do you report?

The NPI reporting period is from 1 July to 30 June each year. Nearly all facility reports are for this period.

Most reporting facilities are required to lodge their reports with the NPI by 30 September each year.

The relevant state or territory environment protection agency will then assess the reports and forward them to the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts for inclusion on the NPI database.

Facility data is published at the end of March each year. More about dates for reporting.

What help is available?

Attend a training session — some state and territory environment agencies provide information sessions to explain reporting requirements and methods.

To find out more about industry training sessions in your area, contact your local jurisdiction:

There are a number of other resources available to assist facility operators in reporting their emissions to the NPI. These include:

Lodging NPI reports

Deadline for reporting

The deadline for submitting your NPI emissions report is three months after the end of your 12 month reporting period. If you report on a financial year basis, you must submit your NPI report by 30 September. If you report on a calendar year basis, you must submit your NPI report by 31 March.

NPI online reporting system

The NPI online reporting system enables you to view, edit and submit your NPI report via the internet. The NPI online reporting system pre-populates data based on your previous year report, and contains a suite of calculation tools that you can download to estimate emissions from your facility. Standardised, nationally consistent validation, will alert you to any potential problems in your report.

The NPI online reporting system can be used by facility personnel, or their authorised representatives, in any state or territory.

Register to use the NPI online reporting system

To obtain access to the NPI online reporting system you must complete and submit an application for registration.

There are two levels of access available to users of the system:

  • Reporters can enter the basic elements of an NPI report, however they cannot submit (certify) the report. Consultants or contractors are restricted to reporter level access.
  • Coordinators can enter all elements of an NPI report, and can submit (certify) the report. Facility or company personnel can be coordinators.

The completed user registration form should be sent to the NPI office in the state or territory in which you are located.


Training is available for users of the NPI online reporting system. Please contact your state or territory NPI office for details.

The User Guide for the NPI Online Reporting System helps reporters and coordinators to report emissions using the new system.


Support for the NPI online reporting system and calculation tools are available from the following sources:

  1. Help files
    The help files in the online reporting system. There is a help file for each screen. The help files for each screen contain: an explanation of the purpose of that screen; brief instructions for what to do; FAQs; and explanations for each field and button on that screen.
  2. User guide for NPI online reporting system
    This guide contains detailed instructions for every screen in the NPI online reporting system.
  3. Jurisdiction support
    Contact your jurisdiction by using the support section of the NPI online reporting system. Make sure you have consulted the help files and the user guide before contacting your jurisdiction.
  4. Commonwealth support
    If your jurisdiction is unable to help you with your request for support, they will inform us of your request. The Commonwealth may contact you directly if required.

Calculation tools

Calculation tools are provided to assist you in estimating emissions from your facility, using emission factors published in NPI emission estimation technique manuals. Calculation tools can be used individually, or can be combined with other calculation tools. Calculation tools can be used offline, or with the NPI online reporting system.

Where available, calculation tools for download can be found on the same pages as the NPI emission estimation technique manuals, or can be downloaded from the NPI online reporting system.

Detailed instructions for using the calculation tools are available in Section 4 of the User Guide for NPI Online Reporting System.

Report upload web service

The NPI Report upload web service is a service provided to registered users of the online reporting system who may wish to directly integrate their in-house systems with the NPI online system.

Accessibility and privacy

Information about the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts accessibility policy and privacy policy is available.

Terms of use

Users of the NPI online reporting system must accept the following terms of use:

  • Account usage
    All users of the NPI online reporting system will be held accountable for their actions in regards to their usage of the system. Usage of the NPI system will be monitored by the system administrator.
  • Security reporting
    Any occurrence of the following should be considered a potential security violation by users of the NPI online reporting system and reported:
    • any loss (including destruction or corruption), theft or unauthorised disclosure of classified material in hardcopy or softcopy form through a deliberate, negligent or accidental act
    • any disclosure of a user's password
    • any unauthorised access to a user's account (including sharing of accounts established for identified individuals and unsupervised use by visitors), and
    • any introduction, processing or storage of offensive material in the system.

All reported violations will be escalated to the appropriate person.

On becoming aware of any security violations, poor security practices, or actions that may compromise the security of the system (and hence the security of the information stored and processed within the system), users are to advise at least one of the following at the earliest opportunity: the relevant jurisdiction; Commonwealth NPI team; system administrator; or the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts ICT security manager.

System requirements

The following requirements and recommendations apply to the NPI online reporting system:

  • Most recent versions of commonly used internet browsers are recommended.
  • A broad band internet connection is recommended.
  • Pop-ups must be allowed for the site, to allow for the display of search boxes and other screen elements.
  • Adobe PDF reader must be installed.
  • If using the calculation tools; Microsoft Excel 2003 and above, fully installed, and macro security set to medium.

Reporting forms

Reporters not using the NPI online reporting system should use the NPI paper reporting form.